Dad takes up Stevenage homeless man’s cause after kids use pocket money to buy him food

Nathan refers to Graham's children as 'little stars' since they used their pocket money to buy him l

Nathan refers to Graham's children as 'little stars' since they used their pocket money to buy him lunch. Picture: Graham McDonough - Credit: Archant

A crowdfunding page has been set up for a homeless man in Stevenage after children used their pocket money to buy him food.

Graham McDonough and his children are aiming to raise £500 for Nathan, a 28-year-old who was made homeless four years ago when his dad passed away from cancer.

Because Nathan’s name was not on the tenancy agreement, he was left with nowhere to live.

Graham and Nathan met during a shopping trip with his kids, when they asked if they could use their pocket money to buy food for Nathan.

Now Graham wants to help Nathan find a place to live so that he can get a job,

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Writing on his JustGiving page, Graham said: “Today I bumped into Nathan and he was so cold and was trying to save enough money to buy a sleeping bag as he has been sleeping in a doorway with only the clothes on his back.”

After buying him a sleeping bag and some food, Graham discovered that Nathan had been assaulted after asking someone for change.

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Graham said: “I would like to raise money for Nathan to be able to get enough rent for two months for a bedsit to enable him to have enough time to sort out a job.

“Nobody will give him a job with no fixed address. We want to get him out of this freezing cold weather.

“If he gets a place to live, we will then be able to support him in finding a job and make sure he has everything he needs.

“I feel that Nathan needs a second chance in life due to the bad luck that he has had since his dad’s passing, and it is upsetting to see him as cold and hungry as he was today.

“It was heartbreaking to say the least. He is very polite and honest and I feel that with help he could get somewhere in this life.”

So far the crowdfunding page has raised £282 of the £500 target. To donate to the cause, go to

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