Dad’s sci-fi dream comes true

A Stevenage author is enjoying commercial success with his first book - written amid a hectic work and family life that left him just four hours sleep a night.

Jimmy Paraskevas, whose sci-fi novel After Dark has received unanimous five-star approval from Amazon customers, finally made the decision to act on his lifelong passion for writing last year.

“I started writing when I was eight years old but only recently finally decided to do something about it,” the 32-year-old of Benbroke Place, said.

“I work full-time with a long commute to south London and have two young sons aged four and 18-months. To get the book written, I would start writing when the kids went to bed at 8pm and work through the night until about 2am. I would then get up again at 6:30am to go to work again. I did this for six months.”

He added he could not have done it without his wife Natalie, who was “the rock” who enabled his dream to become a reality. “She would deal with all of the bed time routines and tantrums as I glued myself to the computer. She also read the book through with me chapter by chapter, letting me know how it was making her feel along the way – this was really important. She also came up with the title,” he said.

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“It just goes to show what any of us can do if we put our minds to it.”

Published by AuthorHouse under the pen-name Jimmy Para, the thriller explores a world gripped by a virus that turns the infected into killers.

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