New book to help children learn about endangered animals

Author Sally Taylor

Hitchin's Sally Taylor has published a children's book to teach people about endangered animals. - Credit: Courtesy of Sally Taylor

A Hitchin author has published an illustrated book to teach children about critically endangered animals. 

‘Critically Endangered Animals’ is a learning resource for KS2 children who want to learn about animals that we need to save from extinction.

Critically Endangered Animals has been published by Hitchin's Sally Taylor.

Critically Endangered Animals has been published by Hitchin's Sally Taylor. - Credit: Sally Taylor

The interactive book was created as part of artist Sally Taylor’s Master’s degree in illustration.

Her first children’s book features augmented reality and is aimed at children aged seven to 11.

Teachers and parents can use this book to teach children more about the animals which we risk losing from the natural environment if they are not protected, while hitting important curriculum objectives around environmental education.

Sally Taylor book

Hitchin author Sally Taylor has published a new children's book. - Credit: Sally Taylor

Sally said: “My keen interest in environmental issues led me to research how much danger animals are now in through the effects of climate changes, deforestation, poaching and trafficking.

"I felt I wanted to raise awareness of those animals at greatest risk."

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Using the Worldwide Fund for Nature’s critically endangered list as a basis, Sally grouped animals by breed such as the rhinoceros with three varieties critically endangered, and orangutans of which one distinct breed was only found in 2017.

This breed is already critically endangered as they live in one area of Northern Sumatra where a dam is being proposed to bring hydroelectricity.

‘’How we treat the inhabitants of our world is so important," Sally added.

"We can look in our own back gardens and find insects or plants that may not be around for future generations to enjoy, and most, if not all, have an important part to play in our ecosystem which ultimately keep us alive too."

‘Critically Endangered Animals’ takes advantage of augmented reality, with three pages linked to stop motion animation which can be accessed via a downloadable app.

The book is available on Amazon or via Sally’s website,

Sally is working on a range of illustrated books on other animals which use technology to help teach about the natural world which she plans to release during 2021.

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