Police crack down on street drinking in Stevenage

Two victims were allegedly assaulted with bricks in Stevenage Old Town on 'Super Saturday'. Photo: J

Street drinking in Stevenage has been linked to an increase in street begging, shop lifting and assaults - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Street drinking is being targeted in Stevenage following complaints about groups of people congregating in the town centre and Old Town.

Project Spirit Level, which has been launched by Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood Team and Stevenage Borough Council, encourages off-licences not to sell alcohol to those who are already drunk, following a rise in complaints of antisocial behaviour (ASB).

Street drinking in the area has also been linked to an increase in street begging, shop lifting and assaults.

Police licensing officer Gill Akroyd said: “We know that many of the shops that sell alcohol have been serving customers who are already intoxicated, and we are working with them to educate them about the repercussions of such action and their social responsibilities.

“Not only are they breaking the terms of their license by doing so, but they are encouraging more alcohol related ASB and crime. Local residents and visitors should be able to enjoy the town centre and feel safe while they are there.

“We will of course continue to work with our colleagues at Stevenage Borough Council to help and support those in genuine need of assistance.”

Officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood team will be carrying out regular patrols to help identify street drinkers and prevent antisocial behaviour.

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