‘Someone had a foam party?’ - Foam erupts from fountain in Stevenage

The fountains in Stevenage town centre, with foam erupting from them.

Leftover foam could be seen in Stevenage town centre on Saturday morning. - Credit: Jeremy Williams

Bubbles spread towards shops after foam erupted from the infamous fountain in Stevenage town centre at the weekend.  

Leftover foam was spotted on Saturday (April 2) with one resident asking if someone had a foam party on social media.  

A spokesperson for Stevenage Borough Council said: "Our team dealt with it and we are seeking to identify the people responsible.”  

A similar event occurred in August last year, which sparked a criminal investigation from Hertfordshire Police. 

Foam littered Stevenage's town square last year. 

Foam littered Stevenage's town square last year. - Credit: Hannah Pye

On that day (August 8, 2021) washing up liquid had been poured into the Danesgate fountains – causing it to foam well into the next day.  

Police believe pranksters were responsible for the ‘sud stunt’.  

The incident cost the council £170 to clear, and a criminal damage investigation from Hertfordshire Police followed. 

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This time, Hertfordshire Police told The Comet that no record of Friday night's incident could be found on their system.