Stalking Protection Order issued to Herts man after obsessive behaviour towards ex

A Hertfordshire man has been handed a Stalking Protection Order

A Hertfordshire man has been handed a Stalking Protection Order - Credit: Archant

A Stalking Protection Order has been issued to a Hertfordshire man to protect his ex-partner from obsessive and controlling behaviour.

The indefinite order was given to him at St Albans Magistrates Court on Thursday, May 5.

Detective Constable Mark Logan from the Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding Investigation Unit said: “This erratic behaviour started when the victim ended their relationship – he turned up in every corner of her life, making her fearful every moment of the day and night, making her feel suffocated.

"He would constantly ring and message her, follow her and turn up at her or her family’s address and make threats towards her and her family. Even after being arrested, he breached his bail conditions not to contact her.”

Under the order, he is prohibited from approaching or communicating with the victim directly or indirectly, including via social media, enter any address or location he knows or believes the victim to be, including family members, not follow any vehicle he believes the victim to be in and hand in his mobile phone for police inspection.

Detective Constable Kate Mawer added: “He refused to accept that their relationship had ended and persistently harassed her.

"No-one should have to put up with this kind of behaviour. Understandably, she felt unable to support a police investigation, however, we were still able to use this relatively new, powerful legislation to help protect her from his irrational, obsessive behaviour.

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"We have a number of options available to us to help safeguard victims, including working with other agencies. In this case, we worked with another police force, who worked with their local authority to re-house the victim, and together we were able to provide enough evidence to apply for the Stalking Protection Order.”

If you are concerned about your relationship or someone you know, call police on 101 or visit Safer Places at