Sappho statue vandalised again in spray paint attack

Paint was thrown over the statue of the Greek poet Sappho last weekend

Spray paint was used to vandalise the statue of the Greek poet Sappho last weekend - Credit: North Herts Council

The statue of Greek poet Sappho, in Letchworth's Howard Park, has been vandalised with graffiti again.

Yellow and grey spray paint was splattered over Sappho's bronze statue over the weekend. 

North Herts Council tweeted about the attack, appealing for those with information to contact them. 

Andrew Mills, greenspace service manager, said: “It’s so disappointing to see vandalism like this, especially to such a prominent statue.

“Our contractors have been able to remove the paint but this wasted valuable time and taxpayers’ money that could've been put to better use."

The statue was erected as part of the £2.7m park renovation by the district council in 2011, after the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded them £1.84m.

“Please do get in touch with us if you have any information about the incident,” Andrew added.

The original statue was stolen in 1998 and the current reproduction was vandalised in a "malicious attack" in 2015.