Fraudster's property sold to pay back some of £2 million made illegally

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ERSOU successfully oversaw the sale of two properties worth £838,400, linked to Joshua Copp - Credit: Getty Images/Fuse

A specialist policing team has recovered over £1 million since the start of the year - including funds obtained through the criminal activity of Joshua Copp from Stotfold.

The Eastern Region Special Operations Unit’s (ERSOU) Asset Confiscation Enforcement (ACE) team works to ensure that criminals who acquire money through illegal means are forced to pay it back.

Copp was part the UK's largest ever payroll fraud operation alongside 54-year-old Andrew Copp. 

Andrew Copp, formerly of Cardy Road, Hemel Hempstead, and Joshua Copp - who is 28 and formerly of Oliver’s Lane in Stotfold - were jailed in June 2017 following an investigation by Essex Police.

The pair were made subject to confiscation orders of £6,461,010 (Andrew) and £2,460,777 (Joshua) – the amount they are thought to have made through their illegal operation.

The team successfully oversaw the sale of two properties worth £838,400, linked to the uncle and nephew.

They were unable to pay back the amount at the time, and the money from the property sales will go towards meeting the orders, with investigators continuing to review any further assets.
Financial investigation manager Nick Bentley said: “The results so far this year again demonstrate the extensive work of our investigators, who are unrelenting in their pursuit of criminals’ money and assets.
“January was a particularly successful month in terms of recoveries, however we work tirelessly throughout the year to target those who have profited from the misery of others, and we'll continue to make sure they pay back what is not rightfully theirs.
“I’d like to thank everyone involved for their tenacity and hard work in ensuring these criminals face justice.”