Murder trial teens 'stabbed and killed' Christopher Hewett on sister's doorstep

31-year-old Christopher Hewett was described as a "wonderful son" by his family

Two teens charged with murder following the death of Christopher Hewett are standing trial at Luton Crown Court - Credit: Herts police

A court today heard of how Stevenage dad Christopher Hewett was attacked with a baseball bat and repeatedly stabbed on his sister's doorstep.

Christopher, 31, collapsed of the floor and was immediately gasping for breath.

He had suffered a large wound to his side and died in the arms of his cousin, Luton Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Paul Calvin QC said Mr Hewett was attacked by two teens, aged 17 and 15, in Meadow Way, just after 9pm on February 12 this year.

Mr Hewett was walking to his sister's home with his cousin Terry Wales, who was visiting, when they passed a group of four youths.

Words were exchanged, with one accusing the victim of sending his mother “dodgy messages".

Mr Calvin told the court that Christopher Hewett replied that he did not know what they were talking about and walked on with his cousin.

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“As they approached the front door of his sister, the group was behind them,” he said.

He continued: "The 15-year-old was holding a baseball bat and delivered a blow to Terry Wales’ elbow.

"Christopher Hewett received a blow from the bat and was grappling with the 15-year-old, when the 17-year-old is alleged to have come from behind and made a number of stabbing motions."

The 17-year-old is later to have allegedly told a girl: “I have just shanked (stabbed) someone.”

The youths ran off and when Christopher's sister opened her door she saw her brother being held up by Terry Wales.

He said the house was a “scene of considerable horror” with Christopher Hewett lying on the floor covered in blood. He had collapsed and was immediately gasping for breath.

The prosecutor said: “There was a large wound to his friend’s side which Mr Wales tried to compress. It was clear to him that Mr Hewett was struggling for breath and very shortly it was his view he died in his arms.”

An ambulance crew was called and he was taken to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, where he was pronounced dead at 10.18pm.

The teenagers - who cannot be named for legal reasons - deny murder. A third defendant Ryan Lee, 19, of Wildwood Lane in Stevenage denies assisting offenders.

The trial continues.