Letchworth: Six high-value cars seized after drugs arrest

Two Porsche's, one black and one red, in a garage.

Six high-value cars were seized from the address. - Credit: Bedfordshire Police

Six cars have been seized and a man taken into custody after Bedfordshire Police carried out a warrant in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

The operation took place in the early hours of Monday morning (April 11) and "dozens" of officers were involved.

A man in his 50s was arrested on suspicion of money laundering, importing a controlled drug and conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Two police officers talking to an individual in the back of a police van.

"Dozens" of officers were involved in the operation. - Credit: Bedfordshire Police

The six cars seized are described as "high value", with two Porsches pictured by Bedfordshire Police during the raid. 

Around £50,000 in cash, designer clothing and expensive watches were also confiscated by the authorities.

Detective sergeant Ryan Barnes, of Bedfordshire Police CID, said: "This morning’s operation comes as the result of months of painstaking and forensic investigation work.

“I want to thank all the officers involved for their patience and diligence in progressing the investigation to this stage.

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“This is what being a detective in Bedfordshire is all about.

“Our team works around the clock to catch serious criminals and make a difference to our communities.

“We are always on the hunt for more detectives so if you want to be involved in operations like these, please get in touch.”