Where in Hertfordshire are the most incidents of weapon possession?

Peak locations for possession of offensive weapons in Hertfordshire have been revealed.

Peak locations for possession of offensive weapons in Hertfordshire have been revealed. - Credit: Archant

New data has been revealed highlighting peak locations for possession of weapons offences in Hertfordshire.

The locations are approximate, but cover the year ending August 2021.

Topping the chart with 34 offences is central Watford, while second with 24 is Bedwell in Stevenage.

Hemel Hempstead Town has 17, Watford Tudor and Waltham Cross 16, Hoddesdon Town and Rye Park 12, Aplesley and Corner Hall 11.

Borehamwood Cowley Hill, Callowland in Watford, Grovehill in Dacoram, Woodside in Watford and St Peter's Street area in St Albans all had nine offences.

Hatfield Villages, Hitchin Priory and Hollybush have eight each.

Stevenage Safer Neighbourhood Team Insp Pat McPeake said: “Although we do not have a specific problem in Stevenage linked to possession of weapons, we have been taking preventative action to monitor any emerging issues and respond accordingly.

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“Over the last year, officers have made anti-social behaviour in the Bedwell area of Stevenage a police priority in response to feedback that we have received from members of the public. As such, we have conducted regular high visibility and covert patrols, as well as proactive knife sweeps.

“We are committed to ensuring that Stevenage is a safe place to live and work, and we hope that this proactive activity – along with our regular countywide knife amnesties under Operation Sceptre – reassures the public that we are determined to get weapons off our streets.”

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