Fines for fly-tippers to increase amid high number of offences

Fines for fly-tipping in North Herts have increased

Fines for fly-tipping in North Herts have increased - Credit: North Herts Council

Fly-tippers in North Herts will be met with an even heftier fine as the council aims to crack down on offences. 

Those who dump their waste in the district, or dispose of it without undertaking the necessary checks, will be fined £400 after North Herts Council gave the green light to increasing fixed penalty notices.

The decision to increase the FPNs for fly-tipping and household waste duty of care offences to £400 - reduced to £300 if payable within 10 days - was made last month, and came into force from April 1.

The fine was previously £300, reduced to £200 if paid within 10 days.

The increase is in light of the continued high number of fly-tipping incidents, and the public perception that the current enforcement framework is not sufficient to deter offenders. 

Fly-tipping incidents have tripled in the district over the last 10 years.

North Herts Council has been working to reduce these figures and saw a reduction in fly-tipping incidents of 9.5 per cent from April 2021 to January 2022 - in comparison to the same period as last year.

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However, the number of reports - 1,366 - is still significant and a cost to the taxpayer.

Sarah Kingsley, service director – place, said: “As a council we continue to be committed to working with residents and businesses to keep our towns and villages free from the blight of fly-tipping.

“It’s up to all of us to ensure that we use registered waste disposal operators to remove rubbish, and if you witness any evidence of fly tipping - report it to the council.

“By increasing the amount of the FPN we hope that any business or individual planning to dump waste on our streets will now think twice and consider the financial consequences of their actions."

Chair of Herts Fly Tipping Group Duncan Jones said: “North Herts is one of five Herts districts to recognise the need to take a tougher stance on fly-tipping by increasing FPNs.

"A number of the remaining districts are also looking at this. In 2020/21 fly tipping across the county cost Herts tax payers an estimated £1.57 million.

"This is public money which is not being spent on more vital services."

To check if a waste carrier holds an Environment Agency Waste Carrier Licence, go to