Police crack down on car cruising ahead of horror crash sentencing

Police markings on the road are visible after a crash in Stevenage last night. News reports indicate

Two cars crashed into bystanders during a car club meeting at Monkswood Way, Stevenage on the evening of July 18, 2019. - Credit: Danny Loo/TGS Photo

Ahead of the sentencing of two men responsible for a horror crash which left 19 injured in Stevenage, officers have been working with the borough council to reinforce the rules brought in last year.

The injunction against car cruising events, which was granted at the end of last year, has already been breached by two individuals.

Car cruising ban

Car cruising has been banned in the town following the horror crash - Credit: Herts police

The two men were reported to the council by local officers after they were found to be driving in an anti-social manner in the Fairlands Showground car park.

They will be dealt with by the council under the terms of the injunction.

The two-year injunction followed an incident in July 2019 which resulted in 19 people being injured after two cars - which had been driven at speed - collided with crowds of spectators following an unauthorised car cruise event.

Leader of the council Sharon Taylor said: “The memories of the dreadful accident in 2019 are still fresh in all our minds in Stevenage.

"We are pleased that the High Court has given us the powers to act should people continue to drive in a reckless and dangerous manner on our roads and in public spaces.

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"These cases demonstrate that we can and will use these powers to keep Stevenage safe.”

Chief Inspector for Stevenage Simon Tabert added: “Much work has been done in conjunction with Stevenage Borough Council to make sure we do not see a repeat of the horrific collision that occurred after that cruise event in 2019.

“As a result of the injunction we now have powers to prevent the kind of activity that caused the accident and I am pleased to see we are already taking action against those that ignore this legislation.

"My officers will continue to patrol hot spot locations and deal robustly with those people who flout the new rules.”

Dominic Brown, aged 21 and from Park Street Lane, St Albans, and 21-year-old Julian Castano-Perez from Fitzwalter Place, in Dunmow, Essex, were charged with 19 offences in connection with the collision.

The drivers were charged with eight offences of serious injury by dangerous driving and 11 offences of wanton/furious driving.

Both pleaded guilty to all charges and are due for sentencing at St Albans Crown Court on Friday, June 11.

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