Paramedic who suffered miscarriage supports other grieving parents at Stevenage’s Lister Hospital

Alice Wright has become an ambassador for Cradle to support bereaved parents. Picture: Alice Wright

Alice Wright has become an ambassador for Cradle to support bereaved parents. Picture: Alice Wright - Credit: Archant

A student paramedic who has suffered the heartbreak of losing her own baby is now supporting other bereaved parents at Stevenage’s Lister Hospital.

Alice Wright and her partner David were left devastated when Alice had a miscarriage in 2017.

Alice, a student paramedic with the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, had carried her baby for several weeks unaware of her miscarriage.

Now keen to use her experience to help others, she has become an ambassador at Lister Hospital and Bedford Hospital for the newly-founded organisation Cradle, which provides a range of baby loss support services to the NHS for bereaved parents.

Alice said: "Cradle is for you, for your families and for the babies we have lost.

"It is for future bereaved parents who may be planning today for the arrival of their baby.

"I want my baby's death to mean something and I hope I get to pass on what I learnt to other parents, to make their bereavement a little less painful."

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Alice and her fellow Cradle ambassadors are now working with hospitals to share their experiences as bereaved parents to help shape future training for NHS staff and the way support services for those who have lost a baby are delivered.

They are also raising funds to provide six sessions of baby loss counselling for bereaved parents following their discharge from the NHS, as well as raising awareness of ectopic pregnancy and offering mutual support to others.

Alice said: "We want to create a community which anyone affected by pregnancy loss can return to for support, either on social media or by joining our community projects.

"We also want to donate comfort bags to bereaved parents during their stay in hospital, which contains two toothbrushes, plus lots of other practical and beautiful things, as well as our signposting leaflet.

"A comfort bag will not bring your baby back or take the pain away, but it does let you know you have a friend in us. You will never be alone and you can get all the help you require from us, from the hospital and from anyone else who wishes to help."

Anyone in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire in need of support can contact Alice by emailing, following @cradle_alice on Twitter or searching Facebook for Cradle: Beds & Herts.