Cowards Carry Knives – Join our campaign to stamp out knife crime in North Herts

Cowards Carry Knives

Cowards Carry Knives - Credit: Archant

Prompted by an overwhelming sense of shock and revulsion to the stabbings we have seen in North Herts this year – including an alleged murder and the recent stabbing of police dog Finn and his handler PC Wardell, we are calling on all our readers to help us raise awareness of the modern scourge of knife crime and help us promote the best ways to rid it from our society.

Knives confiscated in a previous amnesty in 2002.

Knives confiscated in a previous amnesty in 2002. - Credit: Archant

Statistics show that knife crime has increased in Stevenage and North Herts over the past 10 years and, while it must be acknowledged that some of this is down to better reporting methods, we believe there is no excuse for this cowardly behaviour – we firmly sign up to the belief that ‘only cowards carry knives’.

In reality, cold-blooded knife attacks on people in our streets are rare in North Herts – a lot more knife crime goes on behind closed doors in incidents of domestic abuse.

Knives are picked up by the police in stop and search operations and are used in incidents of vandalism and criminal damage.

The police statistics for knife crime printed in these pages reflect all of this.

The Comet’s campaign will investigate the threat posed by knife crime, look at its causes and impacts and look at what is being done to prevent it.

For all the ill will spread by those who commit the crimes, there is more goodwill from those who try to take a stand against them.

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To join the campaign, tweet or post on Facebook using the hashtag #cowardscarryknives, or email comments, opinions and stories concerning knife crime to

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