Court ban on couple keeping animals

A COUPLE have been banned from keeping all animals for five years after they failed to get veterinary treatment for their puppy which had been accidently dropped in a pan of hot stew.

Gary Adams, 29, and Laura MacDonald, 26, of Pulters Way, Hitchin appeared before Stevenage Magistrates’ Court last Thursday for sentencing.

They had been found guilty in their absence at an earlier hearing to one count of causing unnecessary suffering to their terrier cross puppy.

They were each fined �150 and ordered to pay �125 court costs and a �15 victim surcharge.

The court was told that the dog had sustained serious injuries after it had been accidently dropped into the pan by the couple’s young son on January 15.

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The couple had not witnessed the incident but said in interview that they were cooking stew in a big pan on the stove and left the kitchen and their son had picked up the dog to show her what was cooking and dropped her in.

They failed to take the dog to the vets for 11 days, and said they put Sudocrem on its scalds. It was only taken to the vets after a worried visitor insisted the dog got treatment.

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The couple told the court they were sorry they had not taken the puppy to the vet sooner.

The court was told that the puppy, which was around 10 weeks old at the time, had suffered 25 per cent first and second degree burns to its body. The burns were also infected.

Speaking after the case inspector Tony Hollis, said: “The case highlights why it is so important to seek veterinary help as soon as possible if an animal is injured. There is no excuse that an animal should be left to suffer.”

The dog was signed over to the RSPCA and has since been rehomed with a police officer who had attended the couple’s home at the time.

The puppy has been renamed Poppy and PC Richard Boot said she is doing extremely well.

The court made a deprivation order asking for the couple’s remaining dog and two chickens to be removed by the RSPCA.

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