Couple to wed at Hitchin church same day as the Royal Wedding

WHEN Shona and George chose April 29 for the day of their wedding, little did they know the significance it would turn out to have.

So when the couple were informed by friends that Prince William and Kate Middleton would be holding their Royal Wedding on the same day, they thought that they were having their “legs pulled.”

Shona Bodell, 47, and George Caple, 76, of Stevenage Road, Little Wymondley, met after George decided to take up playing the accordion on the instrument which was left to him by his late wife.

His teacher was Shona, and after five years of lessons, the pair began a relationship before getting engaged.

They set the date for their wedding last year, before the royal engagement date was announced.

“We had chosen the date before the announcement, so Kate and William actually copied us,” said Shona.

“I got texts from three friends when they made their announcement, but I thought they were winding me up.

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“When we realised it was true, we got a little worried as we thought the prices of everything would go up, and we had our invitations printed literally the day before.

“But it all turned out fine, and it actually means it’s a little easier because it is a bank holiday, and people who may have had to work will get the day off.”

Shona and George’s wedding will be broadcast by BBC Radio Five Live, and The Comet are also hoping to catch up with the couple on their big day.

The coincidence has proved a great source of amusement to friends, family and strangers, who have all had something to say about the date.

“We’ve had jokes made, people saying things about us not being able to have Westminster Abbey any more, that sort of thing,” said Shona.

“It’s all been very extraordinary and added another element to the wedding.

“It’s been a nice keepsake for us. We can’t wait until the day now.”

Although the couple are to hold their own big day at the same time as one of the main events of the century, the similarities with Prince William and Kate’s wedding end there.

Unlike the royal pair, who are due to marry at Westminster Abbey with a guestlist of famous faces and millions watching on TVs worldwide, Shona and George will wed in a more low key ceremony in front of 160 guests at St Mary’s Church in Hitchin.

And as a fitting tribute to what brought them together in the first place, accordions will be played throughout the day.