Confusing signs leave ducks starving in Clifton

Christine Duff with the ducks

Christine Duff with the ducks - Credit: Archant

A resident has hit out at signs which have left villagers confused and ducks “starving”.

Signs have recently been attached to railings near to the village pond in Clifton asking people to purchase 20p packets from of food from butchers, J W Baxter, to feed to the ducks instead of feeding them bread.

But Mrs Christine Duff, 73, who has lived in Clifton for the past 43 years believes the ducks are not getting enough of the pellets and, as many people have stopped feeding them bread, it is leaving them hungry.

She said: “For many years we fought to acquire the pond as a village amenity. Having lived here for years it is upsetting to see the ducks starving. Of course I am fully aware that corn and pellets are much healthier for the ducks but if they do not receive the adequate daily amounts, surely a bread substitute is better than being hungry. Large ducks need a certain amount of food and these bags of 100g are not enough to feed 25 ducks.

“In the past two months many people have been abiding by the signs in question, obviously believing them to have been put there by someone in authority, consequently the regular feeding of bread they have always relied on has virtually stopped.

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“It gives immense pleasure to young and old alike to visit the pond and feed the ducks and with the cold weather on its way, this is the time when our feathered friends need us most.”

Chairman of the Parish Council Barry Livesey said: “On many occasions people have thrown too much bread into the pond. We became aware of this improved food which doesn’t damage the water in the same way as the bread, it has been generally pretty will received. The signs are there to advise not sanction, if little ones come along with a slice of bread and want to throw it in that is accepted.

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“The clarity of the water has improved and a member of the parish council comes along in the evening and if she feels that the ducks are hungry will feed them. It’s about keeping the balance, no one wants starving ducks, everyone wants what is best for the pond.”

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