Fish saved before Stevenage pond dries up

Chells Manor Pond in Stevenage has 'more or less dried up' according to concerned residents. Picture

Chells Manor Pond in Stevenage has 'more or less dried up' according to concerned residents. Picture: Brian Smith. - Credit: Archant

Fish in a Stevenage pond have been moved more than 10 miles away – just days before their home dried up.

Residents have been complaining about the state of Chells Manor Pond near the Manor House, with concerns raised about the fish and ducks living there.

Stevenage Borough Council had been receiving calls from residents about the low water levels there during our recent heatwave.

One resident pointed out that the vegetation needed cutting back and debris and silt needed to be removed, describing the pond as "a bit of an eyesore".

On Thursday, Manor ward councillor Robin Parker addressed concerned residents in a post on Facebook.

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He confirmed: "The fish (two medium koi carp and approximately 26 young goldfish) were removed from the Chells Manor Pond this morning and safely transferred to an ornamental pond near Ware.

"It is possible that not all fish were captured. However, any still remaining would be small in size and more suited to the lower water levels. We will monitor the pond over the next few weeks."

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In a tweet, SBC confirmed explained that natural ponds are difficult to refill and that the fish will not be returning to Chells Manor Pond.

Visiting the pond today, Brian Smith said that the pond "has more or less dried up" and expressed his concern for the wildlife that lived there.

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