Concern over impact of composting plant which could be built near Biggleswade

Astoria Compost site

Astoria Compost site - Credit: Archant

Plans for a plant which would turn organic materials like food, garden waste and sludge from sewage plants into compost are causing concern in Biggleswade.

The scheme has been put forward by Astoria Organic Matters Ltd for a site south of Biggleswade Road at Woodlands Nurseries.

The company says it has developed ground breaking composing technology which allows waste to be transformed into compost much more quickly than traditional techniques and with much less odour.

However Biggeswade Town Councillor for Ivel Ward, Frank Foster, says people living nearby have serious concerns.

He said: “They are not convinced there wouldn’t be a smell and the wind comes from that direction and will blow right over the Sainsbury’s supermarket.

“People are also concerned about increased traffic movements.

“We also need to consider discussions about where the A1 road is going to go in future because that site might be needed to re-site the A1, even if it’s not in the immediate future.”

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Frank raised the concerns at a meeting of Biggleswade Town Council last Tuesday.

As is usual procedure the council will wait for the formal planning application to come froward before it submits its opinion to Central Bedfordshire Council which will make the final decision.

The site would be located on land being sold off by Woodlands Nurseries which plans to use the cash to make more investments in its business.

In recent presentations given to residents, Astoria said it will improve traffic congestion by closing the current access road to Woodlands Nurseries and creating a new two-way access road to the site which will help stop traffic diving on into the village.

It estimates there will be 50 truck movements per day to and from the site and 30 car movements generated by staff cars.

It says the facility will be fitted with a bio-filter to control odours which comes up to UK regulatory standards.

Some of the compost will be used at Woodlands Nurseries, some will go to farms.

More details about the plans can be seen at