Comet Community Awards 2016: single mum-of-four who runs school, teaches boxing and more put forward in Parent in a Million category

Eloise (left) and Abigail Pesci (right) have put forward their mother Sarah Cummins, who they descri

Eloise (left) and Abigail Pesci (right) have put forward their mother Sarah Cummins, who they describe as a rock and the best mum ever, for the Parent in a Million category in the Comet Community Awards. - Credit: Archant

A single mum-of-four from Letchworth who still finds the time to run a school, teach boxing, help other parents and much more has been nominated for a Comet Community Award.

Eloise and Abigail Pesci have put forward their mother Sarah Cummins, who they describe as a ‘rock’ and ‘the best mum ever’, for the Parent in a Million category.

“I was in hospital for 17 months, and my mum would be there most nights of the week,” said Eloise.

“The journey was at least two hours there and another two back.

“This took away a lot of the time she needed for things like work, but she still managed to feed all my siblings and keep them happy.

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“She is a single parent doing all this on her own. Not only does she teach every day but then she comes home to look after four children.

“My mum does so much every day and she inspires me. She is my rock. We argue but we always resolve what’s going on quickly.

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“She is determined to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. She has been through a lot and is the bravest person I know.

“She’s an inspiration to all and I don’t think she gets enough for how much she does.”

Abigail added: “Mum never lets anything stand in her way. When the school I wanted said they had no places, she would not take no for an answer – she wrote to the MP and he made it happen.

“Through all this and more she has followed her dream and opened the new Montessori school in Letchworth last year.

“I do not know what I would do without her. She isn’t a mum in a million, she is the best mum ever.”

Sarah is head of the Garden City Montessori School and also helps to teach Y-Box, a boxing class for teenagers, on Friday nights. Last month she and another mum set up a support group for the parents of teens who self-harm, working with the existing Hitchin charity Phase.

When told all the things her daughters had said about her, the 37-year-old was clearly touched.

“I’m a little overwhelmed, actually,” she said. “I just don’t even know what to say.”

Entries will continue to be accepted until April, when judging from our sponsors will take place to choose finalists. The ceremony itself is being held in May at the Icknield Centre in Letchworth.

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