Come and discuss the merits or faults of different artworks at a Stevenage group

The group meets once a month.

The group meets once a month. - Credit: Archant

An arts group is inviting people to come and discuss their views on the work of the famous Welsh portrait artist Gwen John.

The Stevenage Art Appreciation and Discussion Group is holding its monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 26, at 10.30am.

Its organiser Mike Devenish is appealing for people to come forward, regardless of their knowledge on the subject, and say what they think about the artist’s work.

He said: “It’s an informal group where we have chat on the artist. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and there are no wrong opinions. It’s a friendly group and we are always interested to hear different opinions on pieces.”

The group meets once a month and picks a separate artist to discuss each time.

This month they chose Miss John, who spent most of her life in France and died only weeks after the Nazi invasion in 1939.

She was overshadowed during her life by her more well-known brother Augustus but became more famous after her death for her portraits of unnamed women sitting alone.

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The group meets at a private house. For more and to attend email Mike on