Clampdown on illegal motorcyclists in North Herts

AN OPERATION launched this week aims to clamp down on illegal motorcyclists.

Police in North Herts want to crack down on those who ride illegally or dangerously, and are warning that any repeat offenders could have their vehicle seized and crushed.

They are also urging people to report such incidents to them in the first instance.

North Herts Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector Martin Turpin said: “Riding on footpaths, in parkland and woodland is illegal and causes a real danger to pedestrians, children playing and dog walkers.

“We are also aware that some riders are putting themselves at risk by riding or taking on passengers without helmets.”

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Those found riding their bikes illegally can be given a notice. If caught again, their vehicles can be seized and potentially crushed.

Extra patrols are being conducted in North Herts, and notices displayed across the district.

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It is an effort co-ordinated by the North Herts Community Safety Partnership, which as well as the police, is made up of North Herts District Council (NHDC) and North Hertfordshire Homes (NHH).

Andy Godman, NHDC’s head of housing and public protection, said: “By displaying signage encouraging the public to report motorcyclists that are riding illegally or carelessly in public areas, the partnership aims to prevent dangerous and anti-social behaviour.

“The community have a right to be able to enjoy North Herts public parks and woodland areas without fear of being put at risk from mindless behaviour from a minority of riders.”

Mark Ferrari, anti-social behaviour officer at NHH, added: “Anti-social behaviour of this nature can be distressing to all residents in the vicinity.

“We want to raise awareness that anti-social or dangerous motorbike use is a crime and there could be serious consequences for those caught.”

Anyone who sees an illegal motorcyclist can contact police on the non-emergency number 101, as and when the offence is happening.

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