Circus should not come to town in Stevenage says animal rights group


Zippo's - Credit: Archant

Animal rights campaigners have written to Stevenage Borough Council calling for the plug to be pulled on next week’s planned visit of Zippos Circus.

The big top is due to set up at Fairlands Valley Park from Friday, June 3, for a three day stint.

It is one of a very few circuses that still uses animals including horses, budgies and acrobatic cats in its live performances.

Hertfordshire Animal Rights has written to council leader Sharon Taylor arguing circuses cannot cater for the complex physiological or psychological needs of animals and calling on the council to cancel the circus.

The Labour Animal Welfare Society - the official animal protection arm of the Labour Party - has also mirrored the concerns.

HAR spokesman Tod Bradbury said: “Stevenage Borough Council has a longstanding policy against the use of certain wild animals being used in circuses and it is time for them to extend this policy to include all animals.

“Animals suffer greatly when used in travelling circuses – be they considered ‘wild’ or domestic. They are carted around the country for a large period of the year and subsequently forced to live in often unsuitable and rudimentary, temporary accommodation. The animals are then forced to perform in front of loud and noisy crowds – a known cause of stress.”

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“Stevenage Borough Council should follow in the footsteps of many other local authorities and ban all animal circuses from performing on public land.”

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