Christmas in prison for nightmare neighbour

A Stevenage Homes tenant who made lives hell for her neighbours will spend Christmas in prison after being found guilty of serious and repeated anti-social behaviour.

Theresa Port of Angle Ways breached an anti-social behaviour injunction made in August last year by repeatedly playing loud music through her television, Luton County Court heard on Friday. She had already been given a suspended sentence in October this year having continued to behave anti-socially. She was sentenced to 28 days in prison.

Ann Webb, executive member for housing at Stevenage Borough Council said: “No one should have to live with anti-social behaviour. I hope that losing her freedom will show Miss Port that we will not tolerate anyone who makes life a misery for their neighbours and this will encourage her to change her ways. Miss Port’s neighbours can now be assured of a peaceful Christmas break and I would like to thank them for helping our staff and the police to gather evidence which has resulted in the court’s decision.”

Stevenage Homes is seeking a possession order to permanently remove Port from the property.

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