Christmas church services in Letchworth

Christmas church services in Letchworth GC.

The Salvation Army

Dec 22: 10am, messy church and carol service.

Christmas Eve: 11.15pm, carols and readings by candlelight

Dec 29: 10am family worship.

All Saints Church, Willian

Dec 22: 4pm carol service

Most Read

Christmas Day: 11am service.

St Paul’s Church

Dec 22: 6.30pm carol service

Christmas Eve: 4pm Christingle, 6pm Christingle, 11.30pm midnight service

Christmas Day: 10am service.

King’s Community Church

Dec 22: 3pm community carols

Christmas Eve: 8pm reflections.

St Thomas’ Church

Dec 22: 10am carols and readings

Christmas Eve: 5pm nativity and Christingle service, 11.30pm midnight communion

Christmas Day: 10am service

Dec 29: 10am communion

New Year’s Day: midday new beginnings service.

Letchworth Free Church

Dec 22: 10am, the Christmas story with readings and carols

Christmas Day: 9.30am Christmas Day celebration.

New Life Church

Dec 22: 10.30am Christmas service.

Letchworth Garden City Church

Dec 22: 10am Christmas celebration service, 6.30pm candlelight carol service

Christmas Day: 10am celebration service

New Year’s Eve: 9.30pm party and watchnight service.

Letchworth Central Methodist Church:

Dec 22: 6pm candlelight carols

Christmas Eve: 4pm crib service, 11.30pm midnight communion

Christmas Day: 10am family celebration service.

St Michael’s Church

Dec 22: 10.30am family Eucharist, 6.30pm carol service

Christmas Eve: 4pm children’s crib service, 11.30pm midnight mass of the holy nativity

Christmas Day: 10.30am sung Eucharist

Boxing Day: 10.30am Eucharist

Dec 27: 9.30am mass

Dec 29: 10.30am sung Eucharist.

St Mary’s Church

Dec 22: 9am parish Eucharist

Christmas Day: 9am parish Eucharist

Dec 29: 9am parish Eucharist

New Year’s Day: 10.30am mass.

St Nicholas Church

Christmas Eve: 11.30pm midnight mass with the blessing of the crib

Christmas Day: 8am holy communion

Dec 29: 4pm carols by candlelight.

St George’s Church

Christmas Eve: 5pm crib service

Christmas Day: 9.30am Christmas communion.