Chorus of applause for Knebworth teacher

Eric Williams, music teacher with pupils

Eric Williams, music teacher with pupils - Credit: Archant

The vocal and instrumental talents of a village primary school teacher have inspired the rest of the school’s pupils to join in for a chorus.

Eric Williams, music teacher

Eric Williams, music teacher - Credit: Archant

Eric Williams has taught music at Knebworth Primary and Nursery School for the past three years when he filled in for a teacher on sick leave. Since then Eric, or Mr Williams as his Year 3 pupils call him, has never left and has become a permanent fixture of the school by singing to children and parents in the playground most mornings as they arrive.

Calling himself a piano player who can play a few chords on the guitar Eric said: “There’s something very human about singing. No one can say why they like it but they do. It’s also great for education and helps focus.”