Chicago’s, Jumpin’ Jaks and Liquid and Envy come to alcohol price agreement

NIGHTCLUBS in Stevenage Leisure Park have agreed that no alcoholic drink will be sold for less than �1.50 to avoid irresponsibly cheap deals.

The agreement, which includes Chicago Rock Cafe, Jumpin’ Jaks and Liquid and Envy, was made following discussions with Stevenage Police and Borough Council and is the first to be put in place in Hertfordshire.

It aims to curb the type of promotions that could encourage revellers to drink more than they would otherwise do – potentially rendering them more vulnerable.

It also seeks to address government and public concerns around a ‘binge drinking’ culture in our towns and cities.

The agreement was brokered by Stevenage Borough Council’s licensing officer Jeff Mason, who said: “This is an excellent lead and will go a long way to promoting sensible drinking and the Leisure Park as a great place for an enjoyable night out, which will start with a joint club venture this coming Halloween weekend.

“We hope to be extending this agreement and will be speaking to other local licensees in the near future.”

Cllr Richard Henry, Stevenage’s executive member for safer and stronger communities, said: “I am very pleased to see the licensees on the Leisure Park working together in partnership with ourselves and the police to discourage irresponsible drinks promotions.”

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A spokesperson for the licensees added: “We think this agreement coupled with a wide range of entertainment and dining establishments available, makes Stevenage Leisure Park a fantastic destination choice.”

The new agreement will be marked with a launch night on the Leisure Park, situated off Six Hills Way, for Halloween on Saturday.