Celebrate ‘One Day Without Us’ to counter racism and xenophobia by joining North Herts People’s Assembly’s peaceful protest starting at Hitchin’s Windmill Hill from 5.30pm

North Herts People's Assembly

North Herts People's Assembly - Credit: Archant

A march to celebrate diversity in the community and the contribution migrants make in our local and national economy is taking place in Hitchin later today.

The event, organised by the North Herts People’s Assembly, is to coincide with a national day of action in support of migrants in this country called One Day Without Us – which also intends to counter racism and xenophobia.

Martin Burke, a member of the People’s Assembly, has invited various faith groups and cultural organisations from the town in the hope they will join a number of peaceful protestors who plan to assemble on Windmill Hill.

He said: “We plan to celebrate diversity in our community, to have a party and to ignore a directive of fear which would like to see migrants, refugees, Muslims and the unemployed blamed for the country’s woes.

“We want to spread the word in every corner of the community, every faith, colour, creed and age to join us.

“Come and join us for an hour or two with banners, whistles, colour and fun.”

The march with start at Westmill Hill in front of the junction with Queen Street and Hermitage Road from 5.30pm tonight and head through the town centre to Market Place, where there will be a rally.