Cat poisoned to death in Hitchin

A WOMAN whose beloved cat was poisoned with tuna laced with anti-freeze has said she is “disgusted” with those responsible.

Diane Hillier’s two-year-old cat Buster had to be put down last Wednesday after he ate the concoction, which was later discovered in a bowl under a bush near her house in Hitchin. It is the second time a cat has died in the area in similar circumstances.

The Walsh Close resident, who says that she also found a similar bowl on another occasion hidden away, is appealing for those with pets to be on guard to avoid the same “cruel” fate Buster suffered.

“It was the second time that someone had left tuna and anti-freeze out,” she said.

“After the first time, I didn’t want to let him out because I was worried about him. But he’s a big cat, and eventually I had to.

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“The second time, I came home from work and he wouldn’t eat any food. He just went to sleep.

“When I woke about 4am, I went to get some water, and normally he would be up and round my legs but he was just paralysed and had been vomiting. He was clearly not well - it was awful.”

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Diane then took Buster to the vet, who carried out blood tests. But the cat had to be put down, after it was discovered he was suffering renal failure.

“By this time, he was fitting, there was nothing they could do,” said Diane.

“It was so awful, heartbreaking to see. I’m disgusted that anyone could do such a thing.

“He was a young cat, not even two years old. It’s such a cruel and nasty thing to do to a defenceless animal.

“It distressed me so much because Buster was a really docile, loveable, affectionate cat. If I can make people aware of this, maybe it will stop it happening again.”

Both instances have been reported to the RSPCA and Herts Police. An RSPCA spokesman urged anyone with information to contact them immediately.

She added: “The RSPCA is concerned by this incident and we are investigating it. We have also been told of another cat which died in what appears to be similar circumstances in the same area in September.

“We would urge pet owners to be extra vigilant. These may be completely isolated and unrelated incidents, but we would appeal to anyone who may have any information that can help our investigation.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

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