Campaign calls for school road safety in Stevenage

MP Stephen McPartland, Headteacher Mark Lewis, NHC Principle Signe Sutherland, Maxwell Imina, Sophie

MP Stephen McPartland, Headteacher Mark Lewis, NHC Principle Signe Sutherland, Maxwell Imina, Sophie Hook, Ben Muggleton and Kyla Fletcher - Credit: Archant

A campaign has been launched to improve a road’s safety following a series of accidents close to a school.

Mark Lewis, headteacher at The Thomas Alleyne Academy in Stevenage, has started an online petition calling for a reduced speed limit, the installation of a raised kerb and pedestrian barriers, and improved road markings on the Old Town’s High Street.

The campaign comes after an incident occurred in which a driver crashed into the gates next to the school on October 13.

Two weeks earlier another car overturned, landing on its roof, at the other end of the same road, and last summer an ambulance crashed and ended up on its side.

Mr Lewis said: “If there had been children there at the time of this most recent accident, they could have been seriously injured.

“We have been trying for a long time to resolve this matter by going through the proper channels and speaking to our local authority, but I now feel more decisive action needs to be taken.

“The council has repeatedly said there is no need to make these changes based on the fact that none of these accidents have led to any fatalities.

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“It’s as if they are waiting for one to happen. This is a serious matter that has been ongoing longer than I have been here and it is time for change.”

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland said: “I think we need to drive this petition forward in order to make more people aware of the dangers of this road and also put pressure on the county council to make these changes.”

Parent Scott Bodilly said: “My son attends this school. I fear for the safety and wellbeing of both pedestrians and road users. The traffic moves too quickly and I often witness dangerous driving as people take risks as they attempt to join fast flowing traffic.”

The school is promoting the campaign on its Twitter account @Thomas_Alleynes by using the hashtag #KeepUsSafe. The petition has currently reached more than 500 signatures. To sign the petition visit