Call for urgent help repairing windows at former Baldock town hall

Baldock Town Hall, as it appeared in 2011. Picture: Daniel Wilson

Baldock Town Hall, as it appeared in 2011. Picture: Daniel Wilson - Credit: daniel wilson

The custodians of Baldock’s old town hall have put out the call for urgent help repairing its windows, with discussions to be held at a meeting tonight.

A community group chaired by Alison Gentle leased the former town hall in the High Street from North Herts Distict Council in 2012, and reopened it the following year as the Baldock Arts and Heritage Centre.

But the upstairs window frames have disintegrated to the extent that they now need urgent work done on them, which Alison said could cost more than £18,000.

She told the Comet: “When we had the survey completed back in 2013, it wasn’t so plainly obvious that the windows had been repaired before.

“One of the six in particular has deteriorated very quickly and is now in dire need of repair, more than any of the others.”

The window that is in worst shape is the one closest to the corner with Hitchin Street and Whitehorse Street.

Baldock and Letchworth East county councillor Michael Muir has pitched in £3,000 from his own locality budget to help cover the costs of repairs – which Alison says is a good start but far from the end of their worries.

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“With £3,000 you cover most of repairing one window – but the others aren’t much better,” she said.

“There’s the cost of the the scaffolding too. We’ve got to fundraise and get other grants to cover the costs of that window restoration and scaffolding, and the VAT as well.”

Alison’s team are to discuss possible funding streams tonight, and are also in talks with the district council community officer Stuart Izzard about grants.

She said that for the moment the group intends to put scaffolding along the building’s side while the window nearest the corner is replaced – but the more they can replace, the better.

She added: “If anyone’s got fundraising ideas or grants that could help us, they would be very much appreciated.”

Anyone with ideas can get in touch on 07763 664318 or