Call for Lister ward to be shut down over hygiene and care issues

Edwin Savory with his son Jon

Edwin Savory with his son Jon - Credit: Archant

The son of a man who died on Sunday is calling for a hospital ward to be shut down over “despicable” hygiene and “disgusting” care.

Edwin Savory's arms were severely bruised

Edwin Savory's arms were severely bruised - Credit: Archant

Edwin Savory, of Old Oak Close in Arlesey, died after he went into cardiac arrest. He was 89.

Six weeks before he died he was admitted to Lister Hospital in Stevenage, where he was a patient for just over three weeks.

Mr Savory’s son, Jon, said “the care was disgusting” and “the hygiene was despicable” on the Strathmore wing.

“He was admitted for a chest and leg infection,” he said.

“My dad was manhandled. They were trying to lift him, when I thought they would have to use a hoist. He had marks on his arms from it. His arms were terrible.

“The care was disgusting. He should have been treated with dignity and not like a slab of meat. They were rough with him. It is not acceptable, how they treated him.”

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Mr Savory, who lived with his father and was his main carer, also said his dad had to wait for up to 20 minutes every time he needed the toilet, despite repeated requests for a commode.

The 61-year-old also criticised the hygiene levels on the ward.

He said: “The hygiene was despicable. The nurses didn’t use the gel. There was paper and bits of dressing on the floor. It was a complete tip in there.

“Something has got to be done about this. I know it won’t benefit my dad now, but I want it so it benefits other people. He was very vulnerable and it was a nightmare. It made him so, so frightened.

“I don’t want it to happen to any other family. We are just so disgusted. I think the ward should be shut down because they have got a problem in there. Things have got to improve.”

Angela Thompson, director of nursing at Lister, said: “Mr Savory, who was very frail and suffered from a number of serious medical conditions, was admitted to Lister on September 19, where he remained until his discharge home some three weeks later. Whilst in our care, his son Jon was concerned at some aspects of the treatment he received.

“We understood these concerns had been addressed at the time, but it is now clear this is not the case.

“Once we were made aware of his concerns, Jon Savory was contacted by our senior nursing team. We have now invited him and his family to a meeting whereby he can talk through his concerns and they can be answered by the clinical team who looked after his father.

“The Trust prides itself on providing high standards of care to its patients, as well as supporting their families and carers. We look forward to working with Mr Savory’s family to improve further the care we provide.”