Call for Letchworth Festival events pledge

ORGANISERS are urging people to commit themselves to this year’s Letchworth Festival.

Running from June 8 to June 24, the annual event will once again be ‘Celebrating Letchworth Life’.

Ann Pegrum, chairman of the festival’s steering committee, said: “The festival is an opportunity for Letchworth’s many clubs and organisations to demonstrate their talents. While we encourage people to put on events especially for the festival, some groups may have events already planned for the festival fortnight which it may be possible to include in the festival programme.

“At this stage we don’t need exact details of what people would like to do, simply a commitment to take part. Please contact the festival committee as soon as possible to chat about your ideas or to give some details if your plans are more advanced. If you’ve never organised anything before, don’t worry, there’s plenty of help available.”

The deadline for entries to this year’s programme is March 31 and those interested should email or leave a message at David’s Bookshop in Eastcheap.