Call for action over ‘eyesore’ street

A TOWN council is calling for action over a street which is “an eyesore”.

Arlesey Town Council is up in arms over the state of West Drive – an access road between Arlesey and Fairfield Park.

“It’s completely overgrown,” explained the town council chairman Nick Daniels.

“You used to be able to get two lines of traffic down that road, but now you can only get one because it’s so overgrown.

“It’s just a wilderness because it’s been neglected. It’s an eyesore.”

Cllr Daniels explained that, as well as being an access road for residents living in West Drive, the road is used by dog walkers.

He said there are safety concerns because the overgrowth makes the area secluded.

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Cllr Daniels concluded: “It’s just not being maintained,” adding that the town council’s own contractors could tidy the area up, but that that is not what taxpayers’ money should be spent on.

The maintenance of West Drive is the responsibility of Fairfield Redevelopment Ltd, which acts on behalf of developer Linden Homes.

Dennis Carter, of Fairfield Redevelopment Ltd, said: “To my knowledge, the town council has never asked the company to do anything.

“It’s been like it since 2002.

“Clearly if we own the land we have a legal responsibility to maintain it.

“We are in discussions with Central Bedfordshire Council over it.”

Cllr Brian Spurr, Central Bedfordshire Council’s executive member for sustainable communities services, said: “Central Bedfordshire Council is equally frustrated with the current condition of West Drive.

“At the time planning approval was granted for Fairfield Park, a planning agreement signed by the developer required funds to be provided to the council for the provision of a bus service to run along West Drive, providing residents with access to the train station.

“The condition of West Drive does not permit buses to travel along its route without significant upgrades to its surface.

“Unfortunately, having built and sold the houses, the developer has not agreed to fund the West Drive works out of the contributions paid to the council and has prevented access to the land to the council’s surveyors.

“While we are trying very hard to resolve the issues on behalf of residents, the developer remains uncooperative.”

The matter is due to be discussed at the next Arlesey Town Council meeting, on October 11.

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