Time to talk about what you want from new staff as North Herts College’s business arm aims to establish benchmark

Lucy Hann, managing director of Hart L&D, part of the Hart Learning Group

Lucy Hann, managing director of Hart L&D, part of the Hart Learning Group - Credit: Archant

It’s good to talk – and if you talk to the new business link arm of the group which now oversees North Herts College, it could be good for your business, too.

That’s the ice-breaker from Lucy Hann, newly-installed as managing director of Hart Learning & Development, who wants to start an ‘employability conversation’ with Herts businesses to find out just what skills and behaviours employers expect when they recruit young people.

There will be round table events, online discussions and polls over the coming months as Hart L&D develops an employability standard which reflects business expectations of new recruits.

And that benchmark will be built in to courses which the Hart Learning Group delivers, including apprenticeship and traineeship programmes.

Lucy said: “In our early discussions with clients, it was clear to us that they have really clear views on what they expect of young people joining the workforce – but also that they often find that young people don’t meet those expectations.

“This conversation is about clearly defining those expectations, so that we can make sure that all of our programmes equip young people with the skills and behaviours they need to find, stay and progress in work with our clients.”

Hart Learning Group chief executive Matt Hamnett said: “I’d encourage businesses large and small, working in all sectors of the county’s economy, to get involved in the employability conversation – we’ll listen, and we’ll act.

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“Once we’ve agreed with employers what they’re looking for when they recruit young people, we’ll embed that standard in programmes right across the group.

“We’ll reflect that standard in the education and training we deliver for young people – whether they’re studying in one of our schools, in North Hertfordshire College, or following a traineeship or apprenticeship programme in Hart L&D.

“We established Hart L&D to help employers improve and grow their businesses by investing in emerging talent.

“This piece of work is an example of how the Hart Learning Group will add value for students, businesses and the Hertfordshire economy by bending the education system to the will of our customers.”

Businesses wishing to participate in the conversation can follow Hart L&D on Twitter (@Hart_LD), talk to them on LinkedIn or go to the website, www.hartld.co.uk.