'There isn't anything else like Future 50'

Seven people sat around a meeting table with a glowing lightbulb in the foreground

Many businesses have had to think carefully and make difficult decisions over the past 18 months - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In terms of something that provides broad support to the next generation of SMEs in East Anglia, I don't think there's anything else like Future 50. As a supporter of SMEs in the region, Foresight was delighted to be a partner of the programme last year, and we are thrilled to be involved again this year.  

The East of England has always had a very resilient business community, partly because the region has businesses in almost every sector. While some businesses have been able to accelerate their growth over the past 18 months, others have had to think carefully about their model; having to make difficult decisions, and potentially reposition their business. There are examples of both types of business in the Future 50 cohort – and each type is impressive and interesting.  

At Foresight we want to see all economies across the UK thrive. With the right support we know SMEs can have an enormous impact, not only benefitting themselves but the areas in which they operate. We see our partnership with Future 50 as an opportunity to support smaller growth companies in the region – whether it's by using our networks and position to make helpful introductions, or having conversations about their strategy and long-term vision. 

We look forward to partnering with Future 50 once again, and supporting more companies in 2022 to deliver on their vision. 

Formed in 1984, Foresight is amongst the most active private equity houses in the UK market, providing flexible funding and support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across a range of sectors. With offices across the UK, including Cambridge, its £100 million Foresight East of England Fund provides equity investments of up to £10 million in SMEs in the East of England and beyond.  

Foresight is represented on the Future50 Board by Matt McLoughlin and Charles O’Riordan.