POLL: Stevenage fans criticise Spurs store opening

Stevenage FC fans have criticised a decision to open a Spurs store in the town centre

Stevenage FC fans have criticised a decision to open a Spurs store in the town centre - Credit: Archant

STEVENAGE FC fans have hit out at a decision to open a Spurs store on their doorstep.

Supporters of the third-tier club have taken to social media website Twitter to have their say following today’s announcement (Monday) that Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur will open a club shop at Westgate Shopping Centre in Stevenage.

The town centre store, which will sell official merchandise, is expected to open in August next to menswear shop Burton.

Shaun Barrett wrote: “If there is a Spurs shop opening in Stevenage then I think it’s a disgrace. Stevenage are a small club playing at a top level in English football and need more supporters.

“Opening a Spurs shop closes the door on Stevenage reaching out to new supporters and encourages football fans to go down the road to watch Spurs instead of staying here and supporting the local team.”

Mark Hollis, a committee member of Stevenage FC Supporters Association, said: “It’s short-sighted. It’s not as if that shop will encourage more people or businesses to the town.”

Jenni Harris wrote: “Outrageous call! Stevenage Borough Council should be supporting and promoting our local team.”

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Greg Kett said: “How can (Phil) Wallace try and grow a local football league club when the town centre does stuff like that?”

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