Mothers in Business Association Stevenage branch set for relaunch

Mums in Business is set to launch in Stevenage. Picture: Katieripollphotography

Mums in Business is set to launch in Stevenage. Picture: Katieripollphotography - Credit: Archant

A Stevenage branch of Mothers in Business Association is set for a relaunch next week with a networking event complete with guest speaker.

The relaunch coincides with the appointment of the groups new co-ordinator, Ahisha Ferguson.

She told the Comet: "I have been appointed as the new coordinator for Stevenage, which I am really excited about.

"In addition to the monthly support and networking meetings, I will be hosting co-working sessions and social events too.

"We have a Facebook group where we brainstorm ideas, share tips and have guest speakers to bring new trainings to enable us to grow our businesses."

Ahisha is a nutritional therapist and weight loss coach, and is set to relaunch the group at an event on February 28.

"I am very excited about this as helping small businesses and bringing women together was something my mum was very passionate about," she continued.

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"My mum was Mayor Sherma Batson, who sadly passed away three years ago.

"So this is very close to my heart. I really want to be able to help women and mums in business in Stevenage."

The first online guest speaker for the new group was TV actress Holly Matthews, who addressed the group on Wednesday last week.

Ahisha added: "My aim is to provide a safe space for women to come to connect and feel supported, not just in business but in life.

"I have been running my own nutrition and wellness company now for five years and attended many networking meetings, but none have compared to the sense of real support and family I feel now that I have created MIBA Stevenage!

"Not only that, but other networking meetings I have attended also had really expensive membership fees and always took place when I was meant to be doing the school run which made them difficult to attend."

The launch of MIBA Stevenage is on Friday, February 28 at 9.30am at Our Mutual Friend, and will welcome guest speaker Haddy Folivi.

Tickets are £15 and available to book via this link

Children are welcome and do not need a ticket.

For more info and to RSVP children attending the event with you, contact