Businesses team up for ‘Hertfordshire Hamper’, with proceeds donated to Hitchin charity

The Hertfordshire Hamper is a collaboration between nine different Herts-based businesses. Picture: JAF Milligan

The Hertfordshire Hamper is a collaboration between nine different Herts-based businesses. Picture: JAF Milligan - Credit: Archant

A young, entrepreneurial couple behind a successful Hitchin catering service have collaborated with a host of other Hertfordshire businesses to release a new product.

The Classic Hamper, by Bite Around the World. Picture: JAF Milligan

The Classic Hamper, by Bite Around the World. Picture: JAF Milligan - Credit: Archant

Building on the growing enthusiasm for shopping local, Hitchin-based Bite Around the World teamed up with eight other businesses to create a heavenly foodie hamper for Christmas.

And what better way to support some of our independent retailers than buying a hamper jam packed with goodies?

The Hertfordshire Hamper comes with a cotton tea towel, goods from Hibiscus Lily and Hitchin Garnish Co, @BambuuBrush Stainless steel straws, a surprise Hitchin Neighbourhood Bakes Sweet Treat, among others.

What’s more, with each box sold a donation will be made to Bucklersbury-based Humanitas, a charity that works with vulnerable children.

We interviewed the minds behind Bite Around the World, Lauren and Toby, on their whirlwind year and what we can expect from them in the future.

Q: What has business been like this year?

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A: “Challenging, both mentally and physically! We had a trip in South East Asia cut short due to the pandemic, catered for a Nike event, wine exhibitions and such before the lockdown seemed to happen overnight. It was crazy that everything we had worked so hard for in the past year had been taken away and we weren’t allowed to work. We couldn’t get our heads round it.”

Q: So what did you guys do next?

A: “After about six weeks of full lockdown we started to look into the ways that we could adapt. Takeaways and delivery services could still operate on lockdown so we had to completely change our business model making sure we were completely Covid safe for ourselves and our customers.”

Q: And what was it like working through a period of enormous change?

A: “You go through so many emotions, it really has been a rollercoaster - at first it was making sure we could continue working safely and if we were doing the right thing, then there was the food shortages, its the worry when you know there’s going to be a new announcement and you don’t know what that means for you and your business. We can honestly say we have never worked so hard in this past year, but we are just so thankful we had the ability to adapt and continue working.”

Q: How important has the support of local residents been for you this year?

A: “It has been incredible. Before Covid, we catered a lot in London and across the country. This year, we have really grown our business locally more than we could have ever wished for. The support and kindness from all of our customers has really kept us going. It has been a tough year, but the support we received from the community made us want to create the Hertfordshire Hamper, so that we could do our bit to help other local businesses (and Humanitas charity!) who are all in the same boat.

Q: What can we expect from Bite Around the World in the future? A: “Our aim is to continue to grow. We can’t wait to be back out at events, weddings, parties, brand events, festivals. It will be great to cater for special occassions more locally with customers we have been able to build a relationship with this year. We have a few exciting ideas up our sleeves that we will be thinking about more seriously once restrictions are eased!

For more information about Bite Around The World’s products, visit

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