Green tech show highlights alternatives

THE latest in renewable energy technology was the focus of a consumer show in Letchworth at the weekend.

The Cernunnos Homes consumer show at the Plinston on Friday and Saturday gave businesses and homeowners the chance to see the latest in renewable technologies in action and speak to experts in the field.

Peter McKeown, managing director of the company which installs green energy systems in homes and businesses, said: “To see so many local companies and residents turn up at the show highlights how important this topic is to people these days.

“We believe that there is an alternative to rising energy prices, and that people just need these alternatives explained to them. The technologies have advanced dramatically over the last 10 years and are now more adept to the UK climate, especially solar technologies. Today allowed us to show people how the technologies worked, how they are installed and how they can benefit them financially and environmentally”.

“Energy bills are rising by nearly 10 per cent per year and many households and businesses are turning to renewable energy systems as an alternative. With Government incentive schemes such as the Feed In Tariff or the Renewable Heat Incentive, this environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels is also showing to be a wise investment for businesses and households alike.”

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