Football rebound wall created by Stevenage-based business tipped for big things


WallJAM - Credit: Archant

A chartered surveyor turned entrepreneur has used a childhood past time to develop a fitness product which has been tipped for big things.

WallJAM creator Tim Worboys.

WallJAM creator Tim Worboys. - Credit: Archant

Tim Worboys has swapped 25 years in the building industry to focus on his creation, an interactive rebound wall which helps keep people fit.

The 50-year-old’s WallJAM business – based at the Business and Technology Centre in Stevenage – has already been shortlisted in The Daily Telegraph Sports Technology Awards in the ‘most promising concept’ category and Tim is confident it will be a success.

Tim, who lives in Kimpton, said: “As a kid, I could have easily failed as an academic, but sport helped me focus and succeed in all areas of my school work. “Unbeknown to me, the hours spent playing with a ball and a wall, built the foundation and set the pathway of my success in adult life. I have no doubt I am not alone in this regard, and these same experiences will apply to a vast number of young students trying to find their feet academically.

“I love the fact I’m able to apply my in-built passion for sport and health to a business that I genuinely believe can make a difference to people’s lives.” For more information about WallJAM call Tim on 020 3411 0818.