Award-winner launches dog training start-up

A Comet award winner has set up her own one-to-one dog training company.

Nicky Visser of Hitchin, who won the Comet Country Happiest Dog competition with her dog Bony in February, has launched her own classes to combat dog behavioural problems.

A dog handler at Woodgreen Animal Shetler in Godmanchester and COAPE qualified, she said: “I offer kind, positive, effective and affordable one-on-one training, which is usually expensive. In this day and age with the economy as it stands and people having to work longer to be able to keep their jobs and family commitments they can’t always make it to the dog training classes.

“Sometimes a dog behaviour problem is to embarrassing or problematic to solve in a class and an individual behaviour treatment might be necessary. It is good to see the dog in its own environment where they will display that behaviour quicker than in class.”

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