Austin’s begins to offer funeral filming

Claire Austin of Austin's Funeral Directors

Claire Austin of Austin's Funeral Directors - Credit: Archant

A family funeral director has become the first undertakers’ firm in the UK to offer an in-house funeral filming service directly to its clientele.

Austin’s Funeral Service, which has branches all across Comet country, will offer customers high quality professional production equipment.

Austin’s Tribute team will offer bereaved families a range of video and tribute services, filming as much or as little of the funeral service as requested.

The range of additional services includes tribute slideshows which can be shown during the funeral service or at the wake and retrospective memorial tributes to honour people long since deceased.

Managing director of the 300-year-old family company Claire Austin said: “When they first hear about our new service, people often ask why someone would want to remember the grief and pain of such a difficult time. But by helping families remember their loved ones in a fitting and honourable way, with the emphasis always on the celebration of a special life rather than the grieving or sadness, these services become an invaluable part of the healing process.”

Explaining details of new service, director of Austin’s tribute services Mark Vasey said: “The filming of funerals is different to any other type of videography as it raises many technical as well as social considerations.

“Understanding the nature of bereavement is essential and this is reflected in the way we work closely with families to plan each bespoke film. We are respectful and sensitive at all times, aiming to be subtle and unobtrusive.

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“The response from clients has been overwhelmingly positive and it is wonderfully rewarding to be able to help families to preserve their precious memories for generations to come.”