A primetime TV focus tomorrow as Letchworth car auction company appears on ITV’s Deals, Wheels and Steals

Staff at Letchworth Motor Auctions, Ruby Willmott, Chloe Trussell, Phil Rudge, Rod Macdonald, Richar

Staff at Letchworth Motor Auctions, Ruby Willmott, Chloe Trussell, Phil Rudge, Rod Macdonald, Richard Hicks, Simon Morgan and Hayley Ives - Credit: Archant

Staff at a Letchworth car auction firm will get a taste of the limelight when it appears on primetime television tomorrow.

Actor and presenter Nick Moran

Actor and presenter Nick Moran - Credit: Archant

Staff at Letchworth Motor Auctions are eagerly anticipating seeing the place where they work as the setting for the last episode of ITV’s Deals, Wheels and Steals.

The show – which is narrated by actor and presenter Nick Moran who has appeared in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the Harry Potter film franchise – follows six car dealers who compete against each other to buy a bargain vehicle and sell it on for a profit.

The dealers bid on three cars – which is where the Jubilee Trading Estate auction company comes in – before repairing them so that they are ready for the road.

Hayley Ives, who is office manager at the auctioneering company, said: “When we were approached by the producers we were so excited and couldn’t believe we were chosen to appear on the show.

“We are an independent auction business so when the possibility of us appearing on an ITV show came up we were thrilled.

“Just seeing where we all work on television will be great and has really made us all proud to be part of Letchworth Motor Auctions.

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“Not only is it great exposure for us as a business being on primetime television it’s also a good advert for Letchworth.

“It was really nerve-wracking on the day of filming as there were people and cameras everywhere and despite all this we still had to carry on business as usual.

“We had some of our regular customers come down and they got the chance to appear in the auction audience.

“Once we were given the okay from Attaboy Productions we informed everyone about it, we put it on our website, on our emails, catalogues and now we have people asking us about it so its a really fantastic opportunity we’ve had.

“We are all really looking forward to seeing our episode on ITV.”

You can watch the episode at 7.30pm on Tuesday night – to catch up on the previous five episodes visit www.itv.com.

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