Our co-working spaces are the perfect solution for those individuals or smaller companies who are seeking a collaborative environment. They provide a well-equipped space which has been proven to increase productivity and creativity.

However, how do you know when it is time to upgrade your working environment to a serviced office space?

We think there are a number of reasons why, and possibly not just financial.

Perhaps you are looking to expand your team, bond, work closer together and secure some privacy. A serviced office will provide this environment.

In a co-working area, it is also very difficult to control the noise level from others and you may not have quite enough space around you.

Being able to work together as one team in a private space will enable the group to focus on the task in hand. In a co-working space, there are added distractions which might not be conducive to your work so the benefit of a fully serviced office space means you control the volume, space and distractions and better communication is facilitated for a thriving company culture. Actually, we think company culture has a huge bearing on the types of employees it attracts. Without a physical office space where your teams can interact properly, it is harder to implement practices that create a culture that you feel supports the business and ensures staff wellbeing. And, we know staff wellbeing is on the top of every company agenda right now.

Another reason might be that your business is now, at last, gathering momentum. Perhaps, you have smashed your sales targets in 2022 and your products are flying off the shelves. You might have a steady stream of orders and it looks set to continue. Is it therefore time to expand the business further and take a permanent office space as we head into 2023.

A positive about upgrading to an office space is that it gives you a physical presence. A place where you can host clients, receive visitors and interview potential employees. It gives your team a regular space to call their own! A co-working space is not a suitable place to do this. If you feel that it is going to look more

professional to have a serviced office space, then it is definitely time to upgrade!

And finally, something else to consider is that your company might be looking to project itself to a new audience. Taking a serviced office space could open up additional opportunities, such as inclusive member events, business and professional support and networking events. It’s important to see if events of this nature are included in your monthly fee as they could be very beneficial to your business.

We would love for you to join Kings Court, Stevenage. We are easily accessible with car parking on site and we boast a slick, clean and modern working environment. We look forward to welcoming you.

Visit mantlespace.co.uk/office-space/kings-court-stevenage for more information.