Burial of man suspended because of Arlesey cemetery flooding

A FAMILY have been left distraught after the burial of their loved one had to be cancelled because his grave had flooded.

The man’s burial could not take place at Arlesey Cemetery as originally planned, because the grave was waterlogged.

The man, whose identity the Comet has chosen not to reveal at the request of the family, had to be returned to the morgue, where he remained until he could be buried elsewhere, two days later.

Cllr Nick Daniels, chairman of cemetery owner Arlesey Town Council, told the Comet: “It’s the first time we’ve had to do it.

“A couple of days before, the burial unfortunately had to be cancelled. There’s no way the grave would have been ready.

He added: “I have spoken to the family and the mother, and obviously she was a little bit distressed, as it was only a few days before the funeral when they were informed.”

The flooding, which has been blamed on heavy rainfall across the year, has put the future of the cemetery in doubt.

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Although burials have not officially been suspended, it looks likely the grounds will remain waterlogged for some while longer.

A special council meeting will be held on Tuesday, where councillors will decide what to do now based on a expert’s opinion, although Cllr Daniels believes they will have little choice.

“Councillors will have no choice but to vote for temporary closure,” he said.

“We don’t often do it [hold special meetings], but [will] because of the severity of the situation.

“It’s likely to stir a lot of emotions, many people have got loved ones there.”

The family of the man said they do not want to comment.