Burglars target empty homes in North Herts

A SERIES of burglaries took place in North Herts this week, with offenders targeting empty homes.

The four burglaries occurred between March 7 and 8. In each case, residents were away from their homes.

Rueley Dell Road in Lilley, Keith’s Wood in Knebworth, and Earlsmead and Cowslip Hill in Letchworth GC were the areas targeted.

It is currently unclear what items was taken.

North Herts Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector Jason Thorne said: “Did you see anyone acting suspiciously in the area? Have you seen unfamiliar cars in the vicinity that look out of place or behaving in a strange manner?

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“We would like to speak to anyone who may have information about these crimes, no matter how insignificant you might think it is.

Anyone with information can contact police on 0845 33 00 222.

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Ways to give your home the ‘lived in’ look:

• Use timer switches for lamps so that they turn on as it gets dark in the evenings.

• Ask your neighbour to put your rubbish or recycling bins back if they’re being collected whilst you’re away.

• If you aren’t leaving your car at home, ask a neighbour/friend to park their car on your drive.

• Don’t forget to cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers etc.

• Consider moving enticing items, such as videos and television, so that they are out of sight.

• If you are away for a longer period of time in the summer months, ask your neighbour to cut your grass.

• Ask someone you trust to opening and draw the curtains, take in any free newspapers and moving your mail away from the letterbox.

• Store valuables in your loft when you go away.

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