Bridges feels responsible

MIDFIELDER David Bridges says he can’t help but feel responsible for Boro’s FA Trophy Final defeat to Barrow.

MIDFIELDER David Bridges says he can’t help but feel responsible for Boro’s FA Trophy Final defeat to Barrow.

The 27-year-old missed Boro’s FA Trophy victory over York City last season and was determined to make up for it this year but his Wembley debut lasted just 28 minutes before he was given his marching orders.

A poor touch saw Bridges loose control of the ball in midfield and as he slid in to retrieve it he clattered into Barrow midfielder Andy Bond. Premier League referee Lee Probert immediately brandished the red card much to the horror of the Boro man.

“I’m as low as it can get really,” Bridges told The Comet.

“Even though I got sent off, we still had chances to win the game but it doesn’t stop me feeling like I’m responsible.

“In some ways that’s natural and all the lads have said there’s not much you can do about a decision like that, and forget about it but you can’t help but feel responsible.”

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Bridges, who got Boro’s final goal in the Blue Square Premier, was unhappy with referee Probert and felt the whistle blower shouldn’t have been so quick to make a decision.

“I was stunned, I’ve never been sent off in my career and obviously I have a moment like,” said Bridges.

“I watched the rest of the game in the tunnel on the screen and there were several incidents similar where people are sliding in for the ball and I’ve got punished, it came from nowhere really.

“He (Probert) didn’t seem to take any time to think about it, he was excitable the whole way through the match and to be honest I thought he was very poor.

“I should be punished for a bad touch. I’ve had a bad touch into it and left myself a tackle, but for me to be punished in the same as their lad (Hulbert) who’s done Griff (Charlie Griffin) is a disgrace really.”

Bridges wasn’t allowed to go up with the rest of the Boro squad to collect their runners-up medals despite Barrow midfielder Robin Hulbert being allowed to join in with the Barrow celebrations. The Boro man had the benefit of seeing the Barrow man’s challenge on Charlie Griffin on television and the midfielder feels he should receive a lengthy ban.

“I wasn’t allowed to go up, yet he was allowed and I think he shouldn’t play football for a long time,” added Bridges.

“I watched it (Hulbert’s red card) on the screen, I had the commentary from ITV4 in the tunnel and to be honest it’s not for the feint hearted.

“He’s not protecting himself to head it, he’s thrown it at Griff and I think it should be looked at to make sure he’s punished in the right way.”

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