Brave cancer mum from Shefford wants to crowdfund her own funeral

Jasper, Benji and brave mum Grazyna Nnachi.

Jasper, Benji and brave mum Grazyna Nnachi. - Credit: Archant

A brave single mum with incurable cancer is crowdfunding her funeral costs and also wants to provide a chance for her two young boys – who are also her carers – to develop their talents and flourish.

Grazyna Nnachi from Shefford was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 which she fought successfully through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, aided by homeopathy including the use of herbs and special diets.

She was in remission until August 2016. After three weeks in hospital and multiple tests, the breast cancer had returned and spread into her lungs, liver and bones.

She said: “It cannot be cured at this stage, but can be managed. I am facing the battle just like I did before – but with a positive attitude.

“My two young boys – Jasper, 12, and 10-year-old Benji – are my biggest motivation to stay focused on battling.

“There are many things I would love to be able to do with them to add to all the memories we have already made.

“This situation is not easy for them, but they’re bravely supporting me and helping me in every way they can.

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“My older son Jasper dreams of becoming a professional footballer and I want to help him follow his passion for as long as I can and I need support in doing that.

“The more funds we have the better chance I have to provide all the assistance Jasper needs to work on his sports skills.”

Her younger son Benji loves singing and dancing, and Grazyna would love to help him develop his talents.

She added: “As young carers, they deserve all the fun money can buy. All donations are important no matter how small.”

However, Grazyna is also preparing for the worst. She said: “Regardless of how positive I am, I realise the treatment may not be effective and, in that case, there will be a need to fund my funeral.

“I would not want my family to have to worry about that.

“Every little act of kindness counts.”

She also uses homeopathy and needs herbs, supplements and equipment which can attempt to improve her quality of life.

She concluded: “The most important thing now is to cherish every day we have together and to do that we need to improve our financial situation which cannot happen through my work, sadly.”

To make a donation to Grazyna’s crowdfunding campaign visit